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Processing Plant & Machinery

We have proven our metal by fabricating state of the art Fruit & Dairy processing plant & machinery sauce and puree processing unit. Our cost effective range of fruit & dairy processing plant and machinery is known for offering accurate dairy product, tomato paste, tomato puree, tomato sauce & tomato ketchup processing results. Clients can purchase this premium & durable range at very economical rates from us.

Tomato Processing Plant & Machinery

We manufacture and install tomato processing plant & machinery for tomato Paste, Ketchup, Sauce.

We supplied tomato processing equipments such as Tomato washer, conveyor, crushing, pasteurization, evaporation, filling & packaging bottles & pouches.

Tomato paste processing line in cold-break and hot-break system starting from 2 to 20 ton/hour with different level of automation and different feeding systems of whole tomato.

Can be used to make as tomato puree tomato paste, tomato ketchup, tomato sauce and peeled tomato in cans.

The packaging product in cans, bottles, pouches, aseptic bag in drum

Capacity of the plant :- 0.5/1/2/5/10/15/20 Ton per hour.

Our lines are characterised from long-experience know-how, strong construction and energy saving.

Complete sets of tomato ketchup & paste & puree production line:

1. Washing Machine

2. Sorting Conveyor

3. Elevator

4. Crusher

5. Cold/Hot Break System

6. Tubular Preheater Pasteurizer

7. Pulping Machine

8. Vacuum Evaporator / Continuous / forced circulation evaporator

9. Filling Line-- Can Filling Machine / Bottle Filling Machine / Sachet filling Machine / Aseptic bag in drum filling machine

Mango Processing Plant & Machinery

We are manufacturing & supplying complete mango processing machinery on turnkey basis for the production of mango pulp, juice & concentrated puree, as well as single machines to meet specific requirements.

Mango processing equipments are used for Washing, Sorting, Destoning, Pasteurization, Filling & Packaging.

Can be used to make as Mango Pulp, Mango Slice, Mango Concentrate, Mango Juice and puree, Mango chutney

Capacity of the Plant :- 0.5/1/2/5/10/15 M Ton per hour.

Complete sets of Mango Pulp & Juice Production Line:-
1. Washing Machine
2. Sorting Conveyor
3. Elevator
4. Pulping Machine / turbo refiners
5. Tubular Preheater Pasteurizer
6. Filling & Packaging Line - Can Filling Machine / Bottle Filling Machine / Aseptic bag Filling Machine / Gable top packaging / Easy to open can

Milk Processing Plant & Machinery

We are manufacturer of milk cooling tanks and milk processing machines, all necessities for a full technology cycle. Shiva Engineers is an Engineering Company involved in design and manufacturing of milk cooling tanks and milk processing machines, all necessities for a full technology cycle including reception and cooling of milk, pasteurization, separation, fermentation, packing of ready products.

1. Milk Cooling Tank 200-10000L
2. Plate Pasteurizer
3. Plate Heat Exchanger
4. Separator
5. Cooking stretching and molding machine
6. Automatic packing machine.

All our machinery are manufactured on customer requirement basis, for all popular kinds of dairy products such as fresh pasteurized milk, yogurt, sweet and sour cream, soft, hard and semi hard cheeses, white cheese in brine (feta), butter, ice-cream.

Fruit juice / beverages processing machinery

Fruit Juices are made from fruit pulp/concentrate
Artificial sugar may or may not be added to the juice extracted.
The sugar syrup is prepared first in jacketed mixing tank and then it is mixed with fruit pulp, water along with other ingredients like flavor, color, preservatives etc. in the other mixing tank.
This mixture is pasteurized to remove any microbial growth from it and later on homogenized to prepare a uniform blend of juice.

Complete sets of Fruit Juice / Beverages and soft drinks Production Line :

1. Sugar Syrup Preparation Tank
2. Fruit Pulp Storage Tank
3. Filter Press
4. Blending
5. Homogenization
6. Standardization
7. Pasteurization
8. Filling Line :- Automatic Bottle Filling Line with
Rinsing Filling & Cap Sealing Machine

In addition to the above machine, we can also offer a bottle blow molding plant which will make bottles for you from PET Preform per your desired shape and size.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Cleaning, Sorting, Grading & Packing Line

We specialize in the designing and manufacturing of vegetable processing machinery.
Complete lines and technology for vegetable processing as well as reliable service worldwide by our skilled engineering.
It is our goal to be of service to our customers as effectively as possible.
Vegetables processing line fully absorbs advantages of advanced equipment from abroad with many new technology and technique being the widely and advanced auto production line before quick-freezing in domestic market. and it is proved by hundreds of quick-freezing factories by practice from home and abroad the the line is scientific in design, reasonable in layout, reliable in running and convenient in operation, wide use in vegetable processing, effective in treatment, investment and energy saving, being the most ideal, advanced and economical production line

This machinery is for processing of fruit like Mango, Tomato, Guava, Orange & Banana Cleaning Sorting Grading & Packing.

Complete Sets of Vegetable Processing Production Line.

1. Slicing
2. Washing
3. Sorting
4. Blanching
5. Cooling
6. Dewatering
7. Quick Freezing
8. Packaging
9. Storting

Pineapple Processing Plant & Machinery

We manufacture and install Pineapple processing plant & machinery for pineapple juice & pineapple slice, tidbits.
We supplied pineapple processing equipments such as pineapple Washer, Converyor, Crushing, Pasteurization, Evaporation, Filling & Pacaging Bottles, Cans & aseptic bag.
Pineapple processing line starts from 250 Kg/Hr to 15 ton/hour with different level of automation and different feeding systems of sliced pineapples.
Can be usded to make as pineapple juice and sliced pineapple in cans.
The pacaging product in cans, bottles, aseptic bag in drum
Capacity of the plant:- 0.25/0.5/1/2/5/10/15 M Ton Per Hour.
Our lines are characterised from long-experience know-how, strong constuction and energy saving.

Complete sets of pineapple processing production line.

1. Washing Machine
2. Sorting Conveyor
3. Elevator
4. Crusher
5. Tublar Preheater Pasteurizer
6. Pulping Machine
7. Vacuum Evaporator
8. Filling Line Can Filling Machine / Bottle Filling
Machine / Aseptic bag in drum Filling Machine

Jam & Marmalade Production Line

Sun Engineers manufactures and installs complete plants and process for the production of Jam, Squash, Jellies and Marmalade.
We are manufacturing machinery plant for Jam, Squash, Jellies and Marmalade contains the following equipment:

  • Kettle
  • Conveyor
  • Press
  • Storage System
  • Mixing Units - Blending Units
  • Vacuum Pan
  • Filling & Packing Ling


Green Pea Processing Plant & Machinery

We can Provide complete vegetable / pea lines for the processing of green peas, vegetables-IQF for capacities between 1 and 5 tons/hr. Our experience includes solutions for all steps of the processing of podded raw material:

Suitable for separation of grains from the pods.
Machine, rotor beater blades etc: are made out of S.S 304.
Conveyor is fitted with S.S rollers, flanged bearing on one side and take-up bearing on the other side for tensioning.
The apron conveyor belt is made out of food grade PVC quality.
The conveyor belt is endless.
The liners, guards covers, hoppers, etc. are made out of S.S.304
Reliability of vegetable processing machines, hygiene, precision and a long life.

Complete sets of pea processing production line.

1. Removal of light foreign matters, such as pods, leaves, etc.
2. Washing to remove sand, stones, stems, etc.
3. Blanching to maintain taste, colour and nutrients
4. Cooling
5. Freezing
6. Grading in different size
7. Weighing, Filling & Packaging into Bag, Can


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